Street Theatre El Capstok

Straattheater wesen van Saeftinghe is los

Street Theatre El Capstok.


El Capstok started making theatre for the streets since 1999.

First as a street musician Ben Jur (busker, one-man-band)
Later, El Capstok created more mobile acts for festivals, fairs.

The thin line between fact, reality and fantasy is our speciality.
There is always something nostalgic in our shows.
Arts and crafts, nature.

We’d like to pass on old craftsmanship and stories.

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Shows like :

The flying Dutchman.

 street theatreFlying Dutchman








This one is about wizzard Runewold, who enchanted his forfather’s ship
after which he started sailing wherever he could, telling stories of his miraculous travels.


The creature of Saeftinghe.

street theatre Creature of Saeftinghe street theatre








Long ago, in the flooded parts of Holland….
Reed cutter Roderick van Kuytaert is shocked, when during his work, he finds a creature living.
Swimming like a fish, and flying like an insect.
As he tells his friends about it, they declare him mad.
Roderick decides to capture the monster.

After six weeks he succeeds. Now he is travelling around, showing the audience the monster
And…. It can do tricks!



Street theatre El Capstok










Two blue chest birds. Nothing special, though you don’t see them often.
They whistle, they chase and flutter.
Father and son? Mother and daughter? No idea, the only thing I know, they are very nosy!


Ben Jur

Streetmusic Ben Jur one-man-band









Mobile One-man-band. Drums, guitar, harmonica. Songs from the ’60s –’80s

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